The island of Lefkas is accessible by road from the mainland through a moving bridge, by plane from the airport of Aktio and by sea through ferries to nearby islands.

Buses: Daily routes from / to:

  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Igoumenitsa
  • Aktio

By air

The airport of Aktio which is located 20 kilometers from the island has daily domestic and abroad flights.

By sea: Daily ferries from / to:

  • Meganisi
  • Ithaka
  • Kefalonia


  • Athens: 385 klm
  • Thessaloniki: 450 klm
  • Patra: 180 klm
  • Ioannina: 120 klm
  • Igoumenitsa: 100 klm
  • Aktion airport: 20 klm

A short introduction

Lefkada is a unique traveler, just like you. From its position on the chart, traveled through the centuries and the several mentalities, collecting ‘treasures’ and ‘worries’, ‘elegance’ and ‘urbanity’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘grace’.

You don’t have to search a lot to find them. You will descry them in the Ionian Sea, at Lefkas island, just in your very first look to the nature, to the civilization, to the people.

We welcome you to our land, the place where many intellectual men where born and excelled.

Why choose Lefkada?

It's the only island that you can travel by road/car

For the beautiful and award wining beaches

For the numerous cultural events and happenings

It is located just 385 klm from Athens, 450 klm from Thessaloniki and only 100 klm from Igoumenitsa's port